Download GBWhatsApp Apk to Unlock WhatsApp Premium

Presently, WhatsApp needs no intro among the chat lovers. It is the best social app ever made for sharing photos, views, activities and videos. But, there are so many locked features available in only WhatsApp Premium. Surely, it is not affordable for everyone. So, there maybe another option to use the premium version without paying money. Here it is, WhatsApp MOD version gives you access to the premium features of WhatsApp. That’s why the users want to get WhatsApp MOD version.

GBWhatsApp Settings

Salient Features of WhatsApp MOD

Currently, there are many WhatsApp MODs available online, but the best among them is known as GBWhatsApp. It is famous due to a plethora of features it offers. Let’s see what it brings for the users.

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of 2.18.122 that is the latest version of WhatsApp.

This app introduces Auto-reply feature that was locked in the original WhatsApp. Whenever you are busy with some task, you can set this feature “Enabled” to reply to your contacts automatically. Moreover, you can exclude the desired contacts from this feature.

The “Live Locations” feature is a novel attraction for the users because they never experienced in the WhatsApp freemium. You can use this option to share your live locations on the social networking sites and with your friends.

When you use the “Clear Chat” feature in the original WhatsApp, the system deletes all of your messages. It does not happen in GBWhatsApp. The app allows you to filter messages so that you could keep the desired messages while using the clear chat feature.

GBWhatsApp also allows you to view the “Group description” at the header. This feature is locked in the WhatsApp original version. You can just view the group members. In the header, there is no group description visible. In this version, you can view the details about the group in the header. It appears like a casual status.

Main Settings Menu

Another amazing feature of this app is the “Payment Option” that has been added to the Settings. Sometimes, any of your friends is in emergency need of cash and he asks for your help. In such a situation, you can send him the required money via GBWhatsApp by using your bank account. So, you are never away from your friends by using this amazing app.

You do not need to use the default music player of WhatsApp now. This MOD version of WhatsApp allows you to play music by using your desired music player. You have more freedom in listening to music in this app.

Currently, a variety of latest attractive Emojis has been added to the app. You can use them to express your feelings and emotions with your friends and loved ones. Even you can search the latest GIF and Emojis by using the “Search” feature.

When you are recording a voice message in the traditional WhatsApp messenger, you have to keep pressing the Mic icon to record the message. In the GBWhatsApp, you do not need to keep pressing this icon. Just touch once and the recording starts.

The “Mention” option is another interesting feature of GBWhatsApp. The users of Facebook know about this feature very well. If you want to mention the name of any group member while chatting in the group, it allows you to mention his name.

Individual Privacy Options

In the original WhatsApp free version, you can send only 30 images or documents at a time. The MOD version allows you to send 100 documents at a time. It is an incredibly useful feature. Isn’t it?

You can call the WhatsApp and non-WhatsApp numbers too.

Don’t send the videos and photos in simple form as the offers photographic effects now. Just use the latest professional effects to make your photos and videos more attractive before sharing them.

You have a preference to add “Auto-Download of Media” option to some particular contacts and groups.

The built-in “Message Scheduler” feature allows you to schedule your outgoing and incoming messages according to your preferences.

Now you can select a longer group name that goes up to 35 characters.

The video length you can send by using the MOD version is up to 50MB. So, you have freedom to send more lengthy videos to your contacts now.

Luckily, the app supports more than a hundred languages of the world. Hence, you can download and use this amazing app in your native language.

Finally, there are a lot more features besides the above-discussed ones. You will really enjoy accessing all of the locked features in this app.

How to Download & Install GBWhatsApp apk

WhatsApp MOD apk brings your favorite app with hundreds of unlocked features to add more colors to your life. So, you should try this novel app at least once. Here is how you can download and install it on your Android phone.

Click the “Download for Android” option given below.

The app is in a compact size. So, it takes not more than a couple of minutes to download the file.

When the file is downloaded, tap the apk file and select the “Install” option on the screen to start the installation process.

Wait for a while until it is over. You see “Open” option appearing on the screen. Tap this option to move ahead.

You will get some terms and conditions here. Just tap “I Agree” to show your consent. Now allow access to your device “Photos, Camera, Library” and many other features.

Here appears your loved app. Enjoy using its amazing features. Share as much content with your friends without worrying about the size of the files as it gives you full freedom.

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